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English Language Assessment Tests for Call Center

In the call center industry, spoken and written English skills are critical for success. TeleDevelopment helps you select the best call center applicants with Versant – a fully automated English language assessment test for voice and non voice.

Versant is the smarter way to hire the people for your call center business. The Versant English Language Tests are the only automated tests of spoken and written languages. With a patented advanced text engine and speech processing technology, Versant tests can be taken on a telephone or a computer and results will be ready within minutes.

With Versant, you can reduce time lost due to unqualified candidates down to a significant level. It also allows you to identify strong candidate who will benefit from English Training in an instantaneous method. Consistent and Objective in nature, Versant Tests help you streamline your recruitment process and keep your recruiting team aligned.

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TeleDevelopment - Staffing – Screening & Selection | Providing you with the right people at the right time is our core mission. Versant gives you the advantage of automated language assessment test. Versant English Test  Speaking - The Versant English Test automatically evaluates the spoken English skills using a patented Speech Processing Technology. Versant English Test  Speaking -  The Versant Writing Test automatically scores writing proficiency to measure candidate’s effectiveness in the workplace.

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