Category: Digital Recruitment

TDS Braces for its 15th Yr in PH

#TDS15 TDSat15. To see the full TDS 10th-year 2014 milestone video, click here.   TeleDevelopment Services, Inc. Gears Up for its 15th Year in the Philippines   MANILA, 10 January […]

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Blended AI, Chatbots for CX 2019

Chatbots help human agents become more effective. These include predicting intent, suggesting responses, taking actions, replying automatically, and handling standard workflows.   How Blended AI, Chatbots and Human Agents can […]

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Channels, Metrics for Contact Centers in 2019

Contact centers, making meaningful connections in 2019, will use new technologies, engage in new channels, and assess performance against new metrics. Updated from 08:07AM of 20 November 2018 New Tech, […]

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