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Mobile Recruiting with Career Microsites

Mobile recruiting involves over a billion monthly job searches using mobile devices. Having career microsites will enhance the mobile recruiting experience.   Enhancing your Mobile Recruiting Experience with Career Microsites […]

IBPAP ‘Office of the Future,’ Webinar Series

WORKSPACE OF THE FUTURE. At the launching of the new IBPAP Office of the Future, TDS executives Ofelia Montallana-Orcales, Eden Caguiat, Nette Roselo and Jorzell Virtucio with Jomari Mercado, IBPAP […]

Vision 2025: Medical Coding a $25B Market

The number of professional coders will rise significantly, boosting the billion-dollar market of firms providing platforms for medical coding professionals.   VISION 2025 Medical Coding a $25B Market Within 7 […]

Webinar: Grow, Refine Your Global Leadership

The webinar will reveal the right online tools to guide your leadership and help you execute your business plans, making you a more effective global leader.   Webinar: Grow, Refine […]

Practicode for Medical Coder Applicants

Experts consider Practicode the best tool for medical coders to gain real-world coding experience, from actual medical records redacted for HIPAA compliance.   MEDICAL CODING Practicode a Good Evaluator in […]

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