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Convenience | Payroll | TDS Global Solutions

Having the right payroll solutions for a company means additional comfort and convenience to both workforce and management.   There is a New Word for Convenience… Call It Payroll Solutions […]

Certified Top Recruiters | TDS Global Solutions

Jim Loveless, VP for Global Solutions, is in town together with Shelley Griffin, VP for Executive Talent Solutions, and James Belluscio, Executive Consultant.   Certified Top US Recruiters to Provide […]

Work-from-Home Benefits

The telecommuting law gives every Filipino a chance to be more productive and compliant. After all, they will now be working within the comforts of their own home.   How Work-from-Home […]

PH Workforce in HR Leadership Conference

The most prevalent issues in leading and managing the Filipino workforce take center stage at the 9th HR Leadership Conference.   Philippine Workforce to Take Center Stage in HR Conference […]

Social Media Chatbots Help Businesses Grow

Automated responses from Messenger chatbots help your customer service team spend more time on other issues for your business.   News Update: HR chatbots take on recruitment, benefits tasks MANILA, […]

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