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Human Capital: Benchmark for Workforces

The WEF-LinkedIn report proposes a new benchmark for leaders to build the workforces of the future. It explains what nations do to develop human capital.   PH Scores High in 2017 […]

The ‘Relevant’ Recruiter in the Digital Age

A “relevant” recruiter must know about convenience, mobile technology, AI, and gamification. They are not the future. They are here.   The ‘Relevant’ Recruiter: Enhance, Adopt, Survive in the Digital […]

Payroll Solutions: Peace of Mind for Businesses

Payroll2U, the payroll solutions partner of TeleDevelopment, gives business owners peace of mind so they can better concentrate on running their business.   Payroll2U and TeleDevelopment: Peace of Mind for […]

Next Big Leap: Mobility and Recruitment

The future — mobility — is heading in a revolutionary direction. There is great user experience, leverage on technology, and better data on candidates.   The Next Big Leap: Hire.Me’s Mobility […]

New Frontier: Disrupting Talent Recruitment

Mobile has been disrupting talent recruitment. If one looks back 10-15 years ago, job portals were the No. 1 source of job ads. Now, the game is changing.   A […]

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