Who is Aon?

Aon is a global talent assessments leader with over 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages, with a team of 500+ assessment experts.

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Proven. Engaging. Forward-Looking.

Aon's talent assessments take the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level. Our solutions are brand-supporting, innovative, engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric advancements. Our clients achieve game-changing results:

Solutions That Work

Power your talent strategy. Whether finding and securing or identifying and developing the right talent, Aon’s Assessment Solutions help organizations define, align and transform their people strategies.
Talent Acquisition

Assessments to engage candidates, focus quickly on the top potential and win best-fit talent.

Development and Retention
Realize potential, engage employees and retain key performance to achieve business results.
Transformation at Work
Adapt your strategy for rapid change, industry convergence and the digital revolution.

Future-Proof Your Talent Acquisition
Aon has the know-how to optimize your entire talent acquisition process – from attraction to assessing and hiring best-fit talent. Our assessment team has successfully completed thousands of client projects, and has deep recruitment expertise and over 70 robust psychometric products at their disposal.

The Impact of Assessment

Every organization striving to deliver the best service, products, sales or innovations requires an extraordinary workforce. You need to identify the right candidates for your specific job role and organization. Aon’s assessments are your compass for making better-informed talent decisions.
Business Performance
Increase sales, reduce attrition, extend tenure and improve performance. Get the right people in the right roles.
Candidate Experience
Win appreciation with branded and gamified assessments in a quick and engaging hiring process.
Process Efficiency

Know your metrics and align your talent strategy. Focus on what matters. Easily and seamlessly present results.

Measurable Outcomes of Talent Assessment

Adding assessments to any hiring and development process establishes a science-based foundation that supports selection choices, determines role and culture fit and helps guide how to best develop hired candidates. Assessing talent results in tangible business impact.

Revenue Increase by


Resources Reduces by


Time-to-hire Reduced by


Tenure Increase by



Determines a candidate’s overall learnability and trainability. In particular, this refers to how quickly a candidate can learn or grasp a new role and meet functional requirements. Designed to test a candidate’s basic mental abilities in just 12-18 minutes, CAST can then reduce recruitment time by 33%, quickly screening candidates for any role, without losing out on good candidates.
ADEPT-15 is a very advanced, award-winning personality test. As a valid predictor of on-the-job performance, ADEPT-15 can then predict key outcomes for hourly, professional, and managerial jobs.
smartPredict, a suite of 4 gamified cognitive assessments, covers a series of four cognitive ability assessments, with certain game elements that increase user experience and engagement.
Aon communication assessments determine candidate English proficiency for job-related tasks and organizational interaction. Aon automated Written English Test (WET) and Language Tests also help companies obtain the most highly qualified and eligible candidates.
Aon Domain Skills and Coding assessments determine a candidate’s key technical skills and knowledge expected for the job. Additionally, its technical assessments cover a range of 200+ domains.
  • motionChallenge
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • gridChallenge
  • Working Memory
  • digitChallenge
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • switchChallenge
  • Deductive Logical
  • Reasoning


“The team at Aon stand out in the very crowded assessment space. We found that Aon truly partner and co-create but also challenge us in the right way.” – Vodafone UK

“Aon is innovative. I have seen a lot of flexibility regarding such a big project in such a company which is always a challenge. They are international and that’s the key success for us.”
– Daimler

“Aon is always available and quick to provide valuable information, to clarify various matters, and to take and act on our feedback.” – Deloitte


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