What is Versant?

Versant is an automated language tool supported by Pearson, the world’s leading education company and provider of language assessments. These tests offer the quickest and most efficient means to measure English language proficiency, ensuring the skills needed to communicate effectively.


Saves Recruitment Time
Reduces cost per hire
Lessens training time
Cuts hiring mistakes
Increases customer satisfaction
Creates global standards


  • 100% Automated and scalable
  • Fast and fair: no human bias
  • Multi-lingual: available in 5 different languages
  • 24/7 online and phone testing
  • Global reach: Used in 100 different countries


30 min: assesses key communication English skills of the candidate– speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

The test helps businesses and organizations easily and quickly identify job candidates with the right level of English language skills to succeed in today’s business environment.

Making job applicants and future employees ready for multi-channel communication needs, Versant 4 Skills Essential gives quick, reliable results as well as “bullet-proof automatic scoring,” virtually indistinguishable from human scorers, using patented speech and text processing technology.

18 min: Measures applicant’s spoken English skills– comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary.

The Versant English (Spoken) Test evaluates the spoken English skills of non-native English speakers. Corporations, governments, and academic institutions use Versant English to evaluate the ability of students, staff or employees to understand spoken English, and to communicate clearly and appropriately in English, key elements in determining English oral proficiency.

It covers Sentence Mastery, or the ability to accurately and appropriately use essential and complex grammatical structures and sentence patterns. Scoring focuses on the appropriate usage of words, phrases, and clauses in meaningful arrangements.

Moreover, it covers Vocabulary, or the ability to accurately and appropriately understand, recall, and use common everyday words. Scoring focuses on the range of vocabulary and the accuracy of its use at the word, phrase, sentence, and discourse levels.

As for Fluency, scoring focuses on the rate of speaking, the position and length of pauses, rhythm, and phrasing, or the ability to maintain smooth speech flow and tempo. And for Pronunciation, scoring focuses on accurate pronunciation and stress placement at the word and sentence level, or the ability to articulate vowels and consonants in a native-like manner.

35 min: evaluates the writing skills of a candidate such as grammar, vocabulary, organization, voice & tone, reading comprehension as key part of email response and chat customer service support.

The Versant English Writing Test is an accurate, reliable test that measures English reading and writing proficiency in workplace settings. Businesses use it to screen applicants and employees, while academic institutions use it to screen teachers and international teaching assistants.

Versant Writing covers Typing for speed and accuracy, Sentence Completion for vocabulary, and Dictation for grammar. Also, it covers Passage Reconstruction for grammar and reading comprehension, and Email Writing for vocabulary, voice and tone, organization, grammar and reading comprehension.

The Versant English Placement Test is another smart way to test language skills, evaluating communication skills for course placement or exit examination. Versant English Placement can monitor the progress of student or employee test takers, measuring instructional outcomes and benchmarking student or staff language levels.

While colleges and universities can use the test in their student course placement and progress monitoring, businesses and other organizations can also use it in training programs and corporate overseas project team placement. With the test, schools can easily assess if their students definitely have the right language skills to communicate effectively in the future workforce.

The Versant Aviation English Test is a product of cooperative research with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Moreover, it is valid, reliable and sufficient test that has satisfied the stringent requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

As the test evaluates English speaking and listening skills, it also addresses aviation work-related topics in radiotelephonic communications. Aviation English familiarizes pilots and air traffic controllers with ICAO guidelines on airline radiotelephony and phraseology, preparing them to obtain the highest in aviation language proficiency under FAA guidelines.

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