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TeleDevelopment Fast4ward newsletter 2018

Fast4ward   Vol.  2   No.  1   |   First  Quarter   2018


Faster Mobile Web Platforms Seen as Google Aims to Reshape AMPs


Critical to how web platforms and Google interact in the future, Google’s new endeavor is seen to play a major role in shaping how the web works on anybody’s mobile phone.

Like what you might read on Facebook or Apple News, the project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s attempt to make webpages as fast and portable as other “instant articles.” This way, you don’t have to wait for the article to load when you click a link on those other platforms, because it’s already preloaded in an app.

AMP’s goal is to bring the same performance to the web itself, and for it to adopt technology from the AMP framework. Virtually any webpage could gain the same benefits as AMP: near-instantaneous loading, distribution on multiple platforms, and critically more prominent placement on Google properties. Read more here


U.S. Midwest Becoming Blue-collar Silicon Valley


Alongside the traditional high-flying software jobs that are plentiful in Silicon Valley, mid-tech jobs, loosely defined as tech jobs requiring less than a college degree, are growing fast in the Midwest. Read more here


Wall St: Amazon to Disrupt Online Travel Industry Next


Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley said the internet travel business is a great business opportunity for Amazon, as the e-commerce giant can generate significant profits from the sector. Read more here


Blockchain Builds Trust When You Need It Most


By estimates, blockchain will provide $176 billion in value to businesses by 2025 and a whopping $3.1 trillion by 2030. Read more here


How Big Data Analytics Will Revolutionize Logistics Mngt


Data analytics can be used to revitalize the entire company and streamline each of its departments. With real-time analytics, delivery route optimization can save time and fuel costs. Read more here



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