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TDS is a global Call Center and BPO Support Solutions Company that provides consulting, training, Executive Search, language assessment, call center launches, call center audits and improvement and Vendor Management Support. TDS specializes in helping companies maximize opportunities in the BPO and Call Center Industry. We have offices in the U.S., Philippines and the Dominican Republic.

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TDS is a founding member and for over 20 years has been recognized time and time again through the industry and our clients as an innovative leader in the Call Center/BPO Industry. TDS's deep experience of successfully supporting over 500+ captive, BPO Providers and outsourced call center providers will bring you unparallel experience.

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TDS provides scalable and tested solutions that give you a competitive edge in every stage of your call center and organizational life cycle.

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We're at the forefront of the BPO industry's latest trends.

Executive Search

TDS' sole focus is exclusive recruitment for the Call Center/BPO Industry. We have over 20,000 active resumes in our database, and we are the valued strategic partner of numerous large and small call centers and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Nearshore Outsourcing

We can find you the nearshore call center/BPO outsourcing company most suitable for your operations. Outsource your call center/BPO work with the highest quality, Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant call center, stay close to home and reduce your call center/BPO costs by 30-50%.

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Automated Language Assessment

Communication skills are critical in our Industry. Quickly and accurately identify the right agents and candidates who speak and employ the proper English language, both written and verbal communication skills for your call center and corporation. We offer the number one, corporate-wide, automated language assessment tool in the call center/BPO industry.

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Industry News


US Healthcare RCM Outsourcing Market Seen to Grow ...
The revenue cycle management (RCM) outsourcing marketplace is booming, and will continue to do so, studies find. According to Black Book Market Research LLC, RCM outsourcing has an estimate
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UNO Call Center Week Honorable Mention

TeleDevelopment Partner Receives Recognition at 2014 Call Center Week Excellence Awards ...
UNO Marketing Manager Lisbeth De La Cruz Perdomo and CEO Stuart Cranston receive the certificate at the Call Center Week Excellence Awards. Manila, Philippines – BPO support provider Tele
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Current Trends

Employee Engagement Initiatives like mentoring work

Top 5 Reasons Employee Engagement Fails ...
Times are changing. The rapid development of technology and changing consumer lifestyles have ushered in a new generation of workers, whose attitudes at work can be baffling to human resourc
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Philippine BPO History 2015

History of the Philippine BPO Industry ...
For years, the Philippines has been experiencing a steady economic climb as the country’s talented population attracts more and more businesses around the world. While a lot can be said abou
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